Friday, March 15, 2013

One Is Not A Lonely Number

Singleness is pretty awesome.

I get a star'rah! Why?

Well, I'll tell ya'. You see, for a good while now I've come to fully embrace the fact that I am single. Not just single, but happily single! I'm not taken, spoken for, no boyfriend, and I certainly am not rushing to be in a dedicated relationship either. Don't get me wrong, I do have some days when I have my Habakkuk moments, "Excuse me God, I know you are busy saving fools and babies, listening to prayers an'all but just when do you plan on sending me a mate?" Those type of days and nights do creep up on me.

To fall in love with you, grow from it, and fully accept that fact that you can live life and live it productively is eye-opening. Contrary to belief, being single is not bad after all, you can be happy and gratified all at the same time. I surely am.

A few short years ago I would not have believed nor accepted the fact that it was "okay" to be by myself or be "involved" in a committed relationship. Heck! Back then I did not even fathom all that it takes to be in a healthy relationship. Key word = healthy. I would not be caught dead without a boo. Desperation is really horrible. I battled on a daily basis with the idea of being alone. It's crazy how I sit back and see other females and males act the way that I once did, all in the name of being with someone.

Fast forward and here I am today. Stamp of approval: One is certainly not a lonely number!

I stumbled across this eHarmony blog post not too long ago and I smiled because this list of 25 Great Things About Being Single is something that I have come to know. In fact, I've underlined the ones that I am in 1,000% in agreement with. Some I've even bolded!

  1. You can go out with friends of the opposite sex without concern of making anyone jealous.
  2. Ladies, you can wear comfortable granny panties - and only shave your legs when you feel like it.
  3. Gentlemen, you won't find any items from Kotex in your bathroom garbage.
  4. When it's movie night, your choice is the only one choice.
  5. You can spend as much time with your family as you want, guilt-free. And you don't have to skip on your family's Thanksgiving in favor of spending it with someone else's.
  6. Whether it's dancing around the house to Miley Cyrus tunes, or pairing chocolate cake with Diet Coke, you can indulge in your guilty pleasures without being teased.
  7. You don't have to check in with anyone when opportunities for spontaneous fun pop up.
  8. Your fridge is filled with grocery items that you actually like to eat, not someone else's comfort foods.
  9. You can order onion-and-garlic-packed meals with freatting about your breath.
  10. The remote is yours.
  11. No one rolls over, snores, or otherwise interrupts your sleep.
  12. You don't have to defend your choices, tastes or schedule to anyone.
  13. You can focus on your personal goals and pursue the things that you love without having to accommodate someone else's pursuits.
  14. You can flirt shamelessly.
  15. You have free time! Take that class you've always wanted to take, get caught up on your book list, or reconnect with an old friend.
  16. You're not tied down. Now's the time to travel, accept a job transfer or get your masters in another city.
  17.  Your life is free of the stress, bickering, and insecurities that come with a relationship that isn't the right one. It's better to go solo than to feel stuck in something that brings you down.
  18. You can come home late and go straight to bed, no explanation required.
  19. The french fries on your plate are all yours. Same goes for dessert.
  20. You get to experience the thrill of a new crush
  21. Your identity isn't wrapped up in someone else. Friends want to hang out with "you" the individual, not "you" the couple.
  22. You can opt to stay in on a Friday night and not feel guilty that your choice is affecting someone else's social life.
  23. Singletons don't have to dread the same "spread" that comes with the frequent eating out, ordering in, and most likely, gym-skipping that comes with coupledom. You can eat well, take time for yourself, pursue physical activity on your own terms and choose to have a good night's rest - regardless of someone else's lifestyle and sleep patterns.
  24. First dates are fun - and only single people get to go on them.
  25. There are unlimited possibilities before you.
This is the truth and I'm sticking to it. So, add to this list if you will.

Dish out some other great reasons why being single is not nearly as bad as what it seems.