Beautiful by Design

Out of the ashes from fire a new bird is born, with new strength, new power and vitality. Filled with the Life force, the bird takes off, flaps its wings with no effort at all, and starts soaring and gliding above the world. -
A Phoenix is reborn.

I am a Phoenix.
I am free.
God is in control and this is my life. After all, I AM BECAUSE GOD IS.

Welcome to my blog, Phoenix Dreams Fulfilled! This blog is my place of rest and peace. A place where I can just let it be, let it go, let it all out and share with you all in the process. Some days will be good, some days will be bad, yea, you know the rest happy, sad, confused and dazed, crazy, and all depends on how I feel when I write. Phoenix Dreams Fulfilled, most importantly, is where I will come to replay these moments in my life and realize that I have come even further than the day before or month, or year before that. This is a place where all my dreams will take form and come true. I believe without a doubt.

I am a sexy and confident mommy, daughter, sister, auntie, and friend, oh and please don't forget I am (what! Get it stated!) God's gem. I am a professional by day, college student, model who takes really good pictures if I must say so myself, and all around girly girl...and hopefully one day I will be a wife, prayerfully, right God? Beautiful by heaven's design, I am royalty by way of His rights! Love it!

I am a woman of great strength and character, personality too. I have been through some things in my life, as many of you may have been through too, but guess what? We are still standing! I cannot change a thing about my past, so with that I move onward and FORWARD.

The idea is to let go of various aspects of life that are holding you back, those parts of your life that are redundant, that are holding you back from the fullness of the moment, that are limiting you and restricting you. 

Renewed and with a different outlook on life itself, I choose this day my destiny. I control how I handle the situations of life and how they will affect me. I do not let situations control my thoughts, feelings, nor behaviors. I believe greatly in the power of words, positive thinking, the power and channels of prayer to a LIVING God and positive speaking and thoughts combined.

When you go through a transformation, you make a somersault of thought, you see things upside down and inside out.

So stick around for a while. Let's become BFFs (Blog Friends Forever) and maybe even meet one day. Need to talk, I'm all ears/fingers to the keyboard? You can email me and I'll respond. 

Loving you for stopping by,